Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Okay, I am a little bit early. There are still more than 5 hours left to get through till then. However, this is the time that I am on the computer, and I don't know if I will be on again today, so here it is!

Happy New Year! My wish for you all is that this coming year is the best ever, that your wishes and dreams come true, that everything "gels", that it is happy, prosperous, and full of good things for you and yours!

I don't ask for much, do I?

We finally got our warm weather back today, definitely in the 70's. It was 74 at about noon or so, and sunny, with some high clouds. Lovely weather! I had hoped to get the tree taken down today but that didn't happen. I got the ornaments off it yesterday, and the lights off and boxed up. And then ran out of steam! I guess the tree will come down tomorrow and the nordic track will be put into "using" mode in its place! I will be glad to have it available for use again!

We went to a party this afternoon! A gal that Mike works with, and her husband, gave the party. It was really nice, Anne and I got to meet some of the people Mike mentions now and then, and we had a really good time! I had mixed up the ingredients for sausage balls yesterday and put it in the fridge, and today I rolled the balls and baked them--so I could take some for the party, of course! They came out fine, as usual. But, the sausage rolling, the baking, some time on the computer IM'ing with Brian, etc, ate up the morning, and so the tree didn't come down. I don't think it will happen tonight, either, so tomorrow it is.

Well, I am off to change and relax. I am sure we will have our usual low key New Year's Eve, and that suits me just fine! I hope you have a good time, where ever you are, and please have a safe evening! All the best in the new year!!!!


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