Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is It This, or Is It That?

I seem to be fighting off something. I can't tell if it is allergy related, or caused by germs. In any case, I want it to go away! I already know that allergy related stuff can lead to bronchitis, and I don't want any part of it!

I do think there is a good chance that it is allergies. You might have read in the blog about the migraine the other day, furthered along by the really neat ribbon yarn I was trying to knit for Anne. Then there was exposure to the smell of 'lectric shave, that I had gotten for Mike. I don't know why manufacturers find it so important to scent the hell out of stuff! It has had the lid cranked down as far as I can get it, put in a zip lock bag, and has been moved to another bathroom--to the far depths of the "under the sink" cabinet. I do wonder how much worse the allergies to scents and smells can get and I really do think it has gone far enough!

Anne and I made a trip to Joann's the other day, mostly to look around, as we hadn't been in a while. We found some neat things on sale, that will make lovely gifts later on. But also while there, we looked at their silk flowers and potted silk orchids, etc. It all further emphasised the wonderful quality of the roses, baby's breath, and greens, in my arrangement that the kids got me for my birthday. It really has been wonderful having pretty flowers to look at all the time. I have been keeping it on the bar section of the kitchen counter, so I can see it all the time. Meaning, I can see it from the family room, and any time I am in the kitchen!

I haven't been knitting--mostly afraid of chemical/finishing smells from yarn. I figure that whatever it is I am dealing with, it doesn't need any help! I have been trying to continue focusing on sorting and clearing, and trying to get the house better organized! A more than worthwhile occupation, I think! I finally got the little silver fiber optic tree taken down. Anne was a little sad at that, it is really cute, and as she says, Mickey won't have it to chew on any more! I don't know what it is about even fake Christmas tree needles, and even the silver fringy ones, that the cats love so much. Both of them like doing it--go figure?


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