Saturday, January 07, 2006

Exercise Time!

Well, I am trying to get the year off to a good start, and in that quest, I have started using the nordic track again. Mike actually used it first even. He decided that he would give it another try, even though it is not something he generally likes. Part of the problem is that the toes of his shoes don't fit well in the "toe holders" on the skis. However, he has kept at it and is doing okay with it! He would still like to get a treadmill at some point, but will make do for now.

I have been on twice now, and am already noticing improvement. I managed to gain only 2.5 pounds this holiday season, and have lost 1.5 of it now! I am sure the nordic track has helped at least a little, with the loss. A good trend, in any case. Steve gave Anne an exercise at pt yesterday, for posture. He caught her slouching, and even though it isn't what she is there for, he encourages her to nip that in the bud, while she is young and can. Anyway, I gave it a try and it is tough, so I will sure keep doing it. I don't want a rounded back either and I don't always use good posture. I was afraid I was going to be sore today after doing it, it felt that tough. But, the muscles are all fine, which is nice.

We have had quite a cold front down here and there have been concerns of freezes, etc. I know all you up north will laugh about it, but it is a serious thing here, both because people aren't used to it (except the snow birds and recent transplants) and because of all the farming/growing. It is just 50 degrees out right now. I think they said it is only to get to 55 today, and I can believe it. It only got into the 50's yesterday too, but really didn't feel bad--partly because I haven't lost my cold tolerance from living in OH for so long, and partly because it was nice and sunny! That sun always helps, doesn't it?

Well, I almost forgot about my big news. I got a summons in the mail yesterday for jury duty. I was wondering when that was going to happen. After looking at the list of things that get you excused, it doesn't look like I will be able to get out of it. Not that I mind doing it---just that it will take some finageling with Anne and work. She will be back to work by then, as it isn't till the end of February. At least they give you lots of advance notice. The location is nearby, so that will be nice. Mike had mentioned a couple weeks ago, that the wife of someone at work got called for jury duty, but it was something that required going to Orlando. I am glad I won't have to do that!


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