Thursday, January 12, 2006

Monster Migraine

It was one of those days. Doomed to deal with this nonsense from the get go. I woke up before the alarm, with a headache, and it was just annoying enough that I went ahead and got up. It wasn't a migraine yet, that was to come later.

I got some more sorting done, which is always nice, and gives me a feeling of making some progress! It is always nice to be able to put things in the trash too---same idea, progress, and it means things are leaving the house! By then the headache was a definite migraine and I took my meds. I made it worse again at pt, working on a knitting project for Anne, and then later when we took a run through Kohl's. I swear it seemed like they had just unloaded tons of new clothes, all bathed in finishing chemicals, which reached out tentacles of chemical smell and fumes to torture me. Mike and Anne kindly fended for themselves for dinner, and I finally got rid of the headache. I don't get really bad ones very often, and you don't know how thankful I am!

Today is good, no headache! It is sunny and nice. It is supposed to get up to 80, and it feels like it will do that. We have another cold front coming through, so it will be cooler again for the weekend. At least they don't last long! Anyway, the weather was nice for a quick trip to the base. I had things to mail, 2 cent stamps to buy, and also got some of the new 39 cent stamps! They are quite pretty, I think they have blue birds? A quick run through the BX and commissary, and was home by 11.30, which was really nice. Anne and I can do fun stuff this afternoon, maybe?


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