Monday, February 06, 2006

Life Goes On....

That is what they say, right? For us, it goes on and on, and there seems to be no end to the continuing saga of Anne's health. And it sure isn't her fault. It isn't like there was anything she did that brought on any of the things happening to her. I figure we were just lucky that each and every one was found, and in a timely manner. You hear such horror stories sometimes, of people with medical problems who go months and years without them finding out what the problem is. So, we are very thankful!

The rain is gone for a while, thank goodness! Don't ask me why, but in the Orlando area on Friday--the first day of the big rains--there were over 100 accidents on the roads. Between the speeders and the tail-gaters, it is a wonder there weren't more accidents, I guess. We are having below normal temps all week, which means it is still really nice out, just not as warm as it usually would have been. We have no complaints.

Today I got the 60 CD's that will fit into it put into the CD changer! I had them sorted and a list made, and all printed out too, but we hadn't gotten the CD's installed yet. That is now done! It is amazing to think we have enough to fill it, and we actually have a few left over. I remember back when the CD players and CD's first came out, and you could barely find anything on CD. Back when they weren't sure if it was something that would take off, or if it would fizzle. Now the old albums are collector items, or only fit for the trash, depending on what it is. Changes!

I talked about Anne's visit to Dr. Greenspoon's office today on the Brain Blog, so I won't repeat any of it here. Just be sure to go take a look, I updated it first.

We made a trip to the base after that, did a little bit of shopping, put gas in the car---$2.33 at the base gas station, got my new prescription for migraine meds (eventually!), etc. Oh, stopped at the post office too, and mailed a box to Brian's!

Oh, Mike and I picked all the rest of the grapefruit on Sunday. I am glad, as while it was raining cats and dogs Saturday morning, I had visions of the tree falling over. We have 3 half-filled brown grocery bags full of grapefruit. I will put some in the mail, and the rest will go in the fridge, off to other people, etc. Now Joel and his elves can come and reset the tree, and hopefully it will put a stop to this leaning stuff!

I am glad we will have a day of no scheduled activities tomorrow, it will be a chance to try to get more done around the house. I have plenty of sorting, giving away, putting away, etc, to do in the few weeks before the bookcases are to arrive!


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