Sunday, January 22, 2006

Merrily We Plod Along....

Or at least that is what it feels like. The plodding anyway, maybe not the merrily part! Not much going on around here. Nephew Russell is trying to make Mike feel old--I refuse to! Russell had his 30th birthday on Friday. Naturally, Mike remembers life before Russell, and Russ was very small still when Mike and I got married. It is inconceivable that he can be that old. I, for one, am not that much older! I figure it is a time warp, eh????

Our weather has been nice again. We are back in the 70's. It was really cloudy this morning, but it seems to be mostly clear and sunny this afternoon, which is nice. Anne and I haven't been doing much away from home, she has been so tired and lacking in energy, she hasn't wanted to do much. This is unusual for her, as most of you will realize. She isn't usually a ball of energy, but she does like to get out of the house more, in general. I do hope the bloodwork done last week will show something, especially something they can deal with quickly.

Anne has an appt on Monday to check on her wrist, which is still bothering her from the auto accident in September. Then on Wednesday she goes for her new baseline MRI of her head, which will be her "post-surgery" baseline for future reference. She then sees Dr. Paine on Friday. I imagine that will be her last appt with him for a good while. I am not sure if he will follow up with her on regular basis (once a year?) or if she just goes back if there are new problems. I am sure we will find out on Friday.

I have taken a break from house work, boxes, etc, and have been taking care of other things. I am keeping up with the nordic track too, and am really glad of that. I have been slowly extending my time on it, and that is a good thing too! I do feel much more fit than I did before! It is amazing what losing some weight and exercising will do for you. I highly recommend it!

There are only about 95 days or so till Brian, Christine, and Michelle, return to the States! It will be so nice to have them back in country! I don't think I managed to catch Michelle on the baby cam once this week. But then, I haven't had as much time to be on the computer at the right times. I imagine we will see less and less of her anyway on the cam, as she becomes more mobile!!!! Oops, had to take a kitty petting break, Meggie was here patting my arm. She is so pretty! Well, I am off, take care and have a good week!


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