Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pluto or Bust!

Well, I have lost track of things. I didn't realize that the launch was scrubbed on Tuesday till that evening. I didn't realize that it didn't go off yesterday, till today. I really hit it lucky, actually! I had gone to the base, and was in the BX, in line to pay, and noticed everyone looking at the TV screens that are conveniently placed along the front wall of the BX. They were finishing the countdown and the probe was launched! By the time I really realized what was going on, it was really too late to run outside to see it--especially since I hadn't paid yet. It was just as well, I had a better view on the TV screen, and could see it much longer. The coolest part was that the vapor trail was still visible when I did get outside!! (I do still wish I had been able to be outside to see it, as even if the view is not so close up, you know it is taking off from just a few miles up the road, and that is really cool!) All so neat! I do still retain a love of astronomy, and would have loved a career in that field had my command of math and physics been much better, and my dislike of cold night-time temperatures not be so extreme. I realize that these days, very little observing is actually done at night in person, but it was more of a given back then?

Today is nephew Liam's birthday. It is amazing how time flies by. We all say it and talk about it, and I read something interesting about that the other day. I can't remember now exactly what it was, but something about why we are so focused on the passing of time. Anyway, I had a chance to talk to Liam's mom, my sister Kathleen today. It was good to talk to her, it has been a while! I also got to talk to my mom, for the first time in ages. I really should use the telephone more often. I still blame it on a deep and abiding dislike of phones---although I do a lot better than I used to!

We were up and off to a doc appt today for Anne. The poor little gal can't catch a break to save her life. The good news is that she doesn't have strep. The so-so news is that there are some possibilities, and blood has been taken once again (a wonder the poor kid isn't drained dry!). We should know something next week. If none of this pans out, the nurse practitioner we saw suggests going back to Dr. O'Hare, the ENT, about the throat, which continues sore and icky, but not streppy, it seems.

The weather was nicer today, with some clouds, but no rain, and no real thought of any. The temps were much nicer, but still a little cool, I wore the light sweater this morning, and Anne wore a sweatshirt. She still has a low grade fever, so has the chills sometimes. The sand hill cranes have been cruising the neighborhood again. I was cleaning in the bathroom the other day and heard their distinctive gobbling noise, and looked up in time to see two of them flying low over our front yard! Really a neat sight.


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