Monday, January 30, 2006

Nice and Warm

I could be describing wool and/or yarn, right? But no, it is the weather. We were supposed to have a good chance of rain today, but it hasn't happened. Instead it was a cloudy day, a little breezy, and warm---it is still 77 degrees at 5.05 p.m.---late enough that it has definitely started to cool off. I really do love it. I find that the idea of ever going anywhere (outside Florida) during anything but the summer months is abhorrent to me! I have been royally spoiled, and I don't mind a bit!

Anne had her appt at her family doc's today. It seems that there is some question as to what stage of mono she is at. The nurse-practitioner was surprised that she is still having so much sore throat, and the new spleen problems. So, she has ordered an ultrasound of the spleen and more bloodwork. They were going to do the bloodwork or at least draw it there, but it was not to be. The first poke wasn't great, and when it did finally yield results, the flow was so slow that it was coagulating in the tube? She tossed it and tried the hand--never a good spot for Anne. She missed on the first try and Anne started feeling very woozey. The long and short was the "blood nurse"--as opposed to the nurse-practitioner she saw first---walking her down the hall, headed for a room to put her on a table, then picking her up and carrying Anne when she passed out. I was behind and saw Anne drooping, but wasn't sure at first if she had gone out for the count or not, till in the room--although I had strong suspicions when the nurse picked her up!!! Good thing the nurse was strong and Anne is light! It would have been really hilarious and may yet be some day.

So, the nurse wrote out a lab slip and we will go to the usual place for this blood work. We will do that and the ultrasound tomorrow----both nurses recommended waiting till tomorrow for the blood work!

Not much else going on. I talked to Brian on IM again today, that is always good! Michelle went to the doc's today, and they think she might have a bit of flu or something. Poor baby, and poor parents---it is never fun when baby is sick. I am hoping it is just a bit of a bug and she will be better soon! Meanwhile, we have a new weight and height on our favorite baby! She is 17 lbs and 27 1/2" long! Our baby is growing! Brian says she moves around so much now, that she is rarely on the mat in front of the baby cam. I guess he will just have to hold her in front of it now and then! Christine emailed that Michelle has had green beans added to her diet and seems to enjoy them!

Take care till next time!


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