Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Already?

Where has the week gone?

For those who don't look at the Brain Blog very often any longer, we found out yesterday that Anne has mono. We sure have no idea where or when she picked it up. One of life's little mysteries.

This has once again been a week of doctor's appts, etc. I think I mentioned that she saw the PA at Greenspoon's on Monday for her wrist. He put her in a splint and ordered an MRI, which we still haven't heard any more about, and I will call about today. She has been good about wearing the splint, although it does interfere with her knitting. She did try to knit with it that evening, but we both agreed the next day that it was counter-productive to do that. She has bravely taken a break from knitting, which is a real sacrifice for her, as she generally spends most of her sitting time knitting. The brace does tend to make her arm itch, so I happily sacrificed an old wicking sock liner (from scouts and hiking) to the cause. A little hole in the toe here for the thumb, and a bigger one here on the toe for the fingers, and it worked like a dream. Hurrah!

Tuesday was a day to stay at home, let Anne sleep as much as she wanted, in case she was positive for mono, and I tried to get some things done around here--and did!

On Wednesday I took her for her post-surgery baseline MRI. That went well, and we see Dr. Paine today for the results. After her MRI, we stopped at Sears for paint for the chimney---the previous owner had left the empty can, with the sticker with the color formula, in the garage. I was able to get the same kind of paint, and same color. Hurrah! We came home and Anne took a long nap, poor kid.

Yesterday morning I made a trip to the base while Anne slept. A quick run through the commissary was needed! My hip is bothering me more again, and I was glad I was only doing a quick run through the commissary. Once things settle a little bit more with Anne, I really need to go in. I have had a recurrance of the tinnitis too, and none of the meds I am on should be causing it. I guess it is time to get it checked out.

I got that all done and home in time to get Anne up and off for her blood work (for Dr. Dhruv for next week), and then we went to see a movie. Anne had been wanting to see Brokeback Mountain. It isn't for everyone, but I will say the movie was tastefully done. It was a really good movie, although a real tear-jerker. Anne and I did notice something very interesting. The few times we have gone to a movie in the early afternoon, the theatre is usually almost empty. That was not the case this time. And, we were amazed by who was there. There must have been at least 20-30 little old ladies there to see the movie. They were not all together, either. There were a couple of elderly men too, but it was mostly the elderly ladies that surprised us. Go figure!

Well, I will end with a few words about Brian and family! I talked to Brian at least once on IM this week. It sounds like they are all well and getting along just fine. Michelle continues to grow and make progress as expected! She is eating cereal, baby apples, etc, and thriving! She did wake up from her nap in time for Brian to put her in front of the baby cam for a couple of minutes, so I got to see our cute baby. She is so adorable!


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