Friday, February 03, 2006

It Was a Cold and Rainy Night.....

Well, it is rainy anyway! It is in the 60's, so it does seem chilly. It was supposed to get into the 70's---the mid 70's even---but I doubt that it managed it. There was/is a big storm system coming through and it still isn't done with us yet. We were under a tornado watch for hours, most of the morning, and on till 3 p.m. I didn't hear of any going through! Maybe we all got lucky?

I made a trek out during a lull in the rain this morning, and went to order more bookcases! Finally, we got around to it. I had measured and made sure that all would fit in the places we wanted them, etc. I found the receipt from last time, so we could get exactly the same all over again. It really did make it easy. It was interesting too, in that when I got there, I was helped by the same guy who did up the order the first time, and he even remembered it. It was all very easy, and we will have more bookcases soon! Well, some weeks down the road, but soon is a relative notion, isn't it?

On the weather front, when Anne and I came out of the commissary, I noticed thunder rumbling. Great fun. At least the rain wasn't horribly heavy, at that time! It sounds like it has really picked up again, and I am glad that we are safely home, in for the night, and can relax!


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