Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Busy, Busy

Well, I have been busy, trying to get caught up on things. I made some phone calls this morning that needed to be made. All okay there.

I talked to Brian on IM today. He is off TDY, but was wise enough to take the laptop with him, and lucky enough that the hotel has internet connections! Hurrah! He is at Grafenwoehr, which he says is in Bavaria, near the Germany/Czech border. He says it has been very snowy and blah there. They were scheduled to return home on Friday, but will probably leave Thursday instead, as they will complete the work sooner than expected. I am sure Christine and Michelle are really glad about that! Also, he should have orders when he gets home! For Texas, so everyone is happy. It turns out that it is pretty well centrally located as far as all the far flung family is concerned. Oh, also, he told Anne the other day that he hit a deer while driving the van. Fortunately, he only broke a headlight. I don't think I ever mentioned, that Anne reports that deer in Germany are very little animals, more the size of a large dog. They look exactly the same as ours, just much smaller. We figure it is an adaptation because of reduced grazing and feeding areas there?

I took Anne for her appt at her family docs today, and as you will have read on the Brain Blog, she does have an enlarged spleen. She isn't in the acute stage of mono, but is in the recovery stage. The nurse-practitioner is recommending that the disability be extended for at least another month, and she will see Anne again in a month to check on her and re-evaluate.

I called and made an appt to see my doc, and I now have an appt for Monday. I have been really worried about the jury duty, because of the allergies--which seem to continue to get worse and worse. Whereas I can move to another seat in a movie theatre to get away from perfumed people, and can physically hold my noise to avoid smells while shopping, etc, I will be quite "stuck" if I were to get picked for jury duty. I really do feel that it is more than time to actually be seen specifically for the allergies and see if there isn't more that can be done for me. So, we will see.

I am still keeping up with the nordic track and stretching, and I feel a lot better for it all. I am actually a little bit more limber, which can't hurt! Mike has been walking a lot and is doing a great job with that.

Not much else to report, except that Brian says our little baby is "Army" crawling (on her belly!) these days, and is sitting a little bit by herself. What a little trouper!


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