Saturday, February 18, 2006

To The Beach!

A rare photo of Anne! Anne really wanted to get out of the house on Friday (Mike was off work, and so we didn't do any errand running, etc), and she felt like a run to the beach. You see her holding the sock for me, to record said sock's trip to the beach.

Sadly, it was late afternoon when the photo was taken, so the sun was right in her face. You might have figured that from the slight scrunching of said face, and the very dark shading of her glasses---I don't think I have ever seen them get that dark before! If you click on the photo and look behind her in the water, any little dark spots you see are surfers (just their heads showing, as the only ones in this photo are down in the water). They were out in force, and more coming in as we were leaving. This time of year, they are all still wearing the wet suit things, to keep them warm.

We had a nice time, sitting at the beach and watching the waves come in. I worked on the sock and made some more progress on it. The beach didn't seem as humid as usual, which was really nice! There were a number of snow birds out getting some sun, and getting burned, too. The beach has restabilized itself, the big shelf of sand/beach from when the beach was renourished has evened out and there is only the smallest bit of a shelf now to remind us that it was ever there. It makes the beach much nicer again! The sun was getting pretty low in the sky and it was getting chilly, so we didn't stay too long. It did make a nice break in the day though!


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