Friday, February 17, 2006

What's New?

Not much that I can think of! Our weather is nice again, thank goodness. It is nice and sunny out today. I was going to ask Mike to turn the sprinklers on again, and forgot. Oh well. We didn't get any rain to speak of when it rained the other day, so the yard will be getting thirsty soon.

Anne continues with physical therapy twice a week for her wrist. It seems to be coming along well. She is knitting again, and seems to be knitting longer. A sure sign that her wrist is getting better. Thank goodness! I know she was going crazy when she couldn't knit!

Mike continues to walk quite regularly! That is one lovely benefit of the days getting longer, he has time to go walk when he gets home from work. I got him a stopwatch and a new pedometer, and he has had some fun playing with those.

Brian and Christine, and baby Michelle, are all doing well. I have talked to Brian a couple of times on IM this past week. Not much new there.

I ended up talking to some German ladies (3) in the commissary yesterday! It was fun, as they would be speaking in English, switch to German, then back to English. Thanks to watching "Six Feet Under" in German with Anne so much, I understand a lot more than I can speak. It is amazing how much I understood when they were speaking in German. They did know that I spoke some German, they weren't trying to exclude me! Anne would have loved it! The one lady gave me her card, so maybe we can get together sometime. The funny thing was, two of the ladies were together, and they didn't know the third lady! I would have thought that all the Germans here with US military ties would know each other.

I can't believe that Brian is almost 22, his birthday is on Sunday! An early Happy Birthday to you, Bri!


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