Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It Was Fog!

In my first post on my knitting blog yesterday, I mentioned that it was cloudy. It turns out, it was fog. I did wonder, as by the time I finished on the computer, it was bright and sunny outside. We had fog again this morning, but it is slowly clearing out.

Not much going on around here. I have been knitting a lot, for the Knitting Olympics, which runs the same time as the Olympics in Torino. I more than completed my self-imposed task of knitting my first sock. I have finished the pair now. They are made of wool and are destined to warm the feet of an orphan!

I took the time yesterday to do my occasional walk around the house, checking on the plants, etc. All seems to be fine, despite the freeze we had last week. Was it just last week? Amazing. Anyway, they are fine. Some of the hibiscus look a little sad, but I think it is mostly still carry over from the hurricane. At least we know they will recover. Despite being a bit under the weather, the hibiscus all have blooms on them! So pretty! The bougainvillea in the back is lush and full, but no flowers. The one in the front is smaller and not nearly as full, but has a good number of flowers on it. Go figure. The jasmine on the trellis is recovering nicely, after being crushed a little when the trellis got knocked down. It seems like there is always something, eh? I am just so glad that we got so little of that last hurricane!

Otherwise, nothing new. Mike still walks, I still nordic track, Anne still tries to recover from the mono and so sleeps a lot. I guess we are pretty boring sometimes! I have been enjoying the Olympics! I saw the end of the Women's Ice Hockey gold medal game, and saw the Canadian women get the gold! And some of the ice dancing last night---it was great to see the US couple get the silver! I think one of the best things is watching part of The Today Show in the morning, and seeing all the local color, etc, as they broadcast from Italy. It sure takes me back to our time there in the 70's. Well, our time in Italy, I mean, not Torino, as we were not there!

Oh! Be sure, if you don't already know about it, to check the new link at the side. Brian and Christine are doing a "Moving back to the States" blog. We sure hope things go smoothly for them!


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