Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Totally Awesome!

Yep, our lawn guy Joel is totally awesome! Anne and I were getting ready to leave for her pt, when she noticed Joel and the guys out in the front. I went out to talk to him, as I haven't seen him in a bit---he often ends up being here while we are out. I wanted to let him know that all the grapefruit are off the tree, as he had told Mike once that he was waiting for that, before resettling the tree. It just kept leaning further and further to the side. It was all started by Frances, worsened by Jeanne, and the one this past summer didn't help any. Add to that, that most of the fruit seemed to grow on the side that it was already leaning to! The poor tree looked like it might just fall right over. Anyway, he said that was part of the reason he was here--to deal with the tree. He was glad to hear that the fruit was already off, so they could get right to work on it!

So, I took Anne to pt, and we stopped at the base after, as there were some things we needed to get at the commissary. We came home and checked in the back first off, to see how the tree looked. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! You would never know it had ever been leaning/practically falling over. It is straight, level, has been trimmed, and looks absolutely lovely! It is all the more amazing when you realize that one really big root used to be on top of the ground, greatly exposed. There is no sign of it now, it is back in the ground, hidden, as it should be!

Doesn't it look great? It is hard to believe that the branches on the one side almost touched the ground, because of the tilt and the weight of the grapefruit. It looks a little dry back there, they kept saying it was going to rain, so Mike turned the sprinklers off. Then, we didn't get the rain. Oh well. Anyway, you will notice, it is bright and sunny out, almost too sunny for photos. We did have haze/fog again this morning, but not as bad as the fog the past two mornings.


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