Thursday, March 02, 2006

Catching Up

Well, sort of, anyway! I know it has been a few days since I have blogged. The days at the Court House---Monday and Wednesday---were long and tiring. But, it was a good feeling to do ones civic duty, to actually serve on a jury, to manage to agree on a verdict, and to now be free from jury duty till next time the computer randomly picks my name! It was an interesting experience, and I feel that I learned a lot. I was also extremely glad to find that most people reporting for jury duty seem to leave off the perfume and cologne (THANK HEAVENS!!!) and I wasn't bothered by scents and smells. Hurrah!

Now to try to get back to every day life. Anyone who reads Christine's blog (see link in sidebar if you don't!) knows that I agreed to do a catalog sale for her. I know almost no one here, since life has primarily revolved around getting Anne to work, getting Anne to doctor appts, unpacking boxes, avoiding hurricanes (!!), etc. If you read this and have any burning desire to order any Pampered Chef items, let me know! I will even put a link to their online catalog! Here it is: link to Christine's Pampered Chef webpage Once you have clicked on this and the web page comes up, you will want to look the catalog/order info. It seems that the different servers show the page differently. Christine says that hers shows a button on the right hand side that says "Order Pampered Chef Products". When I went to it, through AOL, I found a button at the bottom of the page, that says "Order Products". (If you just want to take a look around first, you can always just click on Our Products, at the top of the page.)

Anyway.....if you click on Order Pampered Chef Products, or Order Products, it will take you to a page that lets you tell whose show you are ordering for. Look at window 1, put my first name in the first slot and last name in the second one (I tell you this, because I noticed "organization" but not "first name" the first time I looked, only put the last name in that slot, and got the same page back, asking me to put a valid name!) Then click Find Host, and it will take you to a page that lists the product catagories. You can look at the whole catalog this way. And, if you see anything you want to order, as long as you have signed in to my catalog party, I will get the credit, and it will help Christine meet this goal she has to meet. If you want/need any more info, please let me know. Thanks to anyone who does order, Christine will appreciate it as much as I do. No obligation though...!!!!

Not much going on, and I think Anne and I are going to a movie today, to get her out of the house and busy doing something fun, so I have to scoot along for now. Take care and be good--haha! More later....


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