Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What Else Can Go Wrong?

This will be quick, and without much detail, as I have housecleaning to do. Great fun, right?

Even more fun was finding out yesterday evening that the freezer was not freezing. Anne came and showed me ice cubes that were melting, and mentioned that she had gotten water out along with the ice cubes. That is NOT supposed to happen. Great fun. A check showed that there was a definite problem. I called Sears, for lack of any better idea of who to call. We have always been able to count on Sears for appliance repairs. They don't care if it was bought at their store or not.

Well, they can't come till tomorrow (Thursday). I asked for a morning appt, since one was available. I just hope it can be fixed! I was just as glad that they couldn't come till Thursday, since Anne had her appt with the orthopedist today.

She will have to have surgery on her wrist. Well, there is the option of not doing anything. But, if she were to take that option, she faces no alleviation of pain-- it won't get any better than it is. She still has enough pain that it wakes her up, so that just won't cut it. Surgery, it is. The date is set, it is 6 April. It is out-patient surgery, so in and out. As my dad calls it, drive by surgery. It will be done arthroscopically, so there will be minimal intrusion. She will probably be in a light cast for about 4 weeks, and then a splint for about 4 weeks. She will also have more pt. She is not happy about it, but the alternative is not an option. There are no guarantees that the surgery will help---although it should. It won't make it any worse, and that is really good news. But at this point, and at her age, it is stupid not to do everything possible.

Well, I have to go and finish clearing out the freezer, and part of the fridge. I got some fridge thermometers, and they are reading about 60 degrees, in both sections. Way too warm. Did I say that I really hope the guy tomorrow can fix it? I really do! Check back tomorrow for an update!


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