Saturday, March 25, 2006

Busy Morning

But I am sure, not as busy as the morning at the Walters house in Lufkin! They are into day two of the big neighborhood garage sale. I know Jo and Eric are hoping to sell a lot of things that they really don't want to take back to VA with them!

Christine has posted on the moving blog! It sounds like they are moving right along on the house cleaning. It is so much easier when the house is almost empty! It does help not having carpet to worry about too. The house is quite large, but I think it will all go pretty smoothly for them. Brian is good at dealing with all that too so that is a real help!

Mike tackled the doorbell today, as it suddenly stopped working one day. After much searching, he finally found one that was close to the right size. However, he found that it doesn't fit right. The home stores are all packed, it being the weekend, so I will look around on Monday and see if I can find something that will fit. The good thing is that he was able to get the wires on the new one hooked up, and the doorbell worked, so he did accurately pinpoint the problem. Now if we can just find a doorbell that will fit properly! I think in future, any time we are expecting a hurricane or part of one (!!), it would be a good idea to cover the doorbell and the lock on the front door. It is amazing how stuff gets blown into those little holes.

Oh, by the way, that photo of Meggie in Mike's chair---it was taken from above, so the bit of chair at the bottom is the back of the chair, and the bit at the top is the seat of the chair. Thought a little clarification was in order!

It is really pretty out today. We have had a cold front come through, and both today and tomorrow it is only to get into the 60's for the high. It is chilly but sunny and very pleasant out. It got quite cool in the house during the night, I might have to put the heat back on for tonight.

The jasmine has a good number of blooms open now. Once it is all filled out more, it will be really gorgeous when it is in bloom. Here is a close shot! The blooms are so little, it is hard to see them otherwise!


At 6:46 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Well we have survived the garage sale, and the garage now has two vechicles in it and our pickup is loaded with the "goodwill" load. Mom made a bit over $75.00 and we made a whopping $831.00.
Needless to say, we were pretty pleased. I did see the treadle sewing machine for $250.00 and it went to home of a good friend. Knowing here, she will ultimately send it back my way! Anyhow, Russ is here, the blender is full of margueritas and we are waiting for mom to get up to have some. You might want to call her, as Elmer has taken a turn for the worse, is on a ventilator and still in a coma. She is pretty upset, as well you might expect.

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Sally said...

Jo--in case you see this before we can call. I just saw this at 10.44 our time, but thought it was too late to call. And Mike is in bed already. I will let him know and I am sure we will call tomorrow sometime. If we don't catch you all the first time, we will keep trying. I know there is church-- and other things to do too. I'm really sorry to hear the news, we will all hope for the best. Enjoy a marguerita for Mike, he would love to have one with you!---Great jobs on the garage sale, by the way!


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