Friday, March 24, 2006

Movin' On Up

Or out? I had an email from Brian. The movers arrived yesterday as scheduled. There were 4 of them, I think. They arrived at about 9 a.m., started packing by 9.30 and sealed up the last crate just before 7 p.m. Brian says they only took two smoke breaks. He says they did a really good job. There are 6 regular crates, and 2 smaller ones. I am sure the house looks pretty darn empty. Of course, they still have the things they will bring on the plane, and the unaccompanied baggage too. I am not sure if they have a date yet for that last pack-up.

Brian says they plan to start cleaning right away, and get that all out of the way. Smart, right? Always best to get a head start on those things!

This is Meggie's second favorite spot to snooze! She loves to camp out in Mike's chair. There must be something special about the spot, as Mickey has discovered it too, and often beats Meggie to the spot! Sometimes, Mickey will sleep in the chair and Meggie will sleep on the table.

Not much going on here. We had a little bit of rain here yesterday. Truly a little bit. I don't think we got enough at the house to even show in the rain gauge, although it was enough to get everything wet.

I spent a bit of the day yesterday flattening out the last of the packing paper from the sun room. It was quite a big pile, from my big box-unpacking-orgy in there before Christmas. I left it for a good while, as the kitties loved playing in it---they would burrow under the paper and I am not sure they didn't play hide and seek or something! It is all gone now, at least as far as Meggie and Mickey are concerned! I also got some extra space cleared out in the computer room, in anticipation of the arrival of bookcases someday. Things are really coming along. I will be so happy to have the new bookcases!

Mike didn't walk yesteday, as the weather was still iffy. I think that was a wise decision, as Anne and I had heard some thunder late in the afternoon. I have still been using the nordic track, and I continue to increase my time. Anne still gets on it now and then too. She has found that it helps keep her back from hurting.


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