Saturday, March 18, 2006

This and That

Don't look at the truck. The focus/point of the photo is the tree. It is a bottlebrush, next door in Helen's yard. I was a little bit surprised when we moved here, to find so many of them, and they were in tree form. My Grandma and Grandpa Brady had one, at the end of the porch at their house in Elsinore. I think I always thought it was a vine type plant, as their's always seemed to vine and trail along in a lovely manner. Anyway, bottlebrushes remind me of them.

This tree is quite nice, and provides a nice touch of color most of the year. I can see it from the bathroom window while I am in the shower, and it makes for a nice view!

Brian reports that the customs guy who came yesterday was actually just someone from the moving place, seeing how much stuff they had, etc, so they will be ready to come pack them up on Thursday. A case of wires crossed, I guess? I imagine they are still busy trying to get things sorted out and weeding out things they don't want to bring back with them. It sounds like they have things well under control. I know they will be glad when the move is all done and over with!

Anne has been doing more spinning, and knitting. She has a couple of knit projects that she wants to be sure to get done before her surgery. She sure won't be able to knit with her arm in a cast, even if it is a light one. She has been regaining a little bit of weight! We are all really happy about that.

Mike did some checking and found there are a number of park/nature areas around here. I think he went and check out one of them this morning. He has blogged again and has a photo of a big bird he spotted! Really neat! He has been out for a walk today too. I have been increasing my time on the nordic track---I do it in two segments, so that the sciatic nerve doesn't start bothering me.

Nothing much going on here, so I think I will go for now. Jo, I hope you all are having a good time in Lufkin with Mom and Dad! Say hi to Russ, Amy and Skyler for us!


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