Thursday, April 06, 2006

Surgery is Over, Anne is Resting

That is about the size of it. She was a good two hours late going in to surgery. You know how that goes, delays build up and get longer as the day progresses. She was scheduled for 1.15, and didn't go back till 3.20 or so. They called me back to recovery sometime between 5.30-5.45, and she thought she had been there for 15-20 minutes, but hard to say. We had a quick fly by visit from the doc. Some inflammation in her wrist, but the impression I got was that it wasn't as bad as he thought it might be. We have photos, and can see little bits of stuff sticking up. We know from her knee that her body is very sensitive to things like that, so perhaps that and the inflammation was it. It sounds like she might not have to go into a cast, but we will know more when she goes in to be re-bandaged on Monday. As I told her, no cast means she will be able to knit and spin again that much sooner, and that is a good thing!

More info will be posted here as we know things. I will try to update the brain blog too, actually, I might just copy this and put it in there too---same info needed in any case.

All else is well here. Anne is sleeping, she is pretty worn out. It sure has been a long day. More later.....


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