Monday, April 03, 2006

Foggy Monday...

Nine and a wake-up! That is all that is left till Brian, Christine, and super-baby Michelle, leave to come back to the States! Do you think we just might be a little bit excited? I think this calls for flowers!

This is a fairly close shot of part of the bougainvillea in the back yard. I think it has more blooms than I have ever seen on it before. Usually by the time it decides it wants to let loose with flowers, Joel and the guys come and trim it, and the flowers are gone. In any case, it doesn't bloom nearly as much as the small one in the front does. Go figure?

Here is a closer shot. You can see some of the little anthers that Mike took a super close-up of and posted on his blog!

I found fog outside this morning. I think they had actually predicted it, how is that? It has all cleared out now and is sunny once again, as you can see from the flower photos. We have had quite a serious shortage of rain, and there are no signs of an end to it. Oh, by the way, the brush fire I mentioned once before---they did get it under control before any buildings/houses were in serious danger. Last I heard they suspected arson.

This will be a busy week for Anne. They moved up her ultrasound on her spleen and she will have that this Wednesday, the day before her wrist surgery. She isn't wild about that, or the 8.30 a.m. appointment time, but as I told her, it might actually help her be able to sleep the night before the surgery. I guess we will see. The wrist surgery is the biggie, of course. Still, not nearly as worrisome as the brain surgery was. I think most things are diminished in light of brain surgery?

I talked to Brian on IM yesterday. The house is empty, not much of anything to do, etc. They do have the laptop though, and the internet connection is still available, so they can still get online, watch movies with the DVD player on the computer, etc. So much better than in the old days, when we had none of that and made due with reading, etc, to occupy our time. Not that I think this is necessarily better, since I would choose reading over tons of other activities! It works out well for them though. Anyway..... Brian says that Michelle is pulling herself up on her knees now!!!!!! How cool is that??!!! I don't imagine it will be long, and she will be pulling herself up onto her feet. Hurrah!

Mike has put more new photos onto flickr, so be sure to check it when you check his blog! He has been taking lots of photos with the new camera, and new lens. The garden that I said he went to on Saturday is actually a nursery, and it seems he was not the only photographer there! It seems to be a popular spot for taking photographs, and I think Mike said they have a butterfly garden too, which is also popular.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mom Walters, who lost her brother Elmer, and with his children, who lost their father.


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