Friday, March 31, 2006

Bloomin' Grapefruit!

You can take that whichever way you like! Both probably fit. My increase in allergy symptoms is explained. It is neat to see the pretty little blooms though, followed by the cute little baby grapefruit.

I figured that if I was already feeling "hayfevery" it wouldn't hurt too much more to make a very quick trip outside to take photos. I could definitely smell the flowers, and tried to avoid breathing as much as possible! Wouldn't you know, the battery in the camera would run out while I was out there, and I had to make a trip in to replace said battery, then back out to finish my photo taking.

This is a good over-view of a tiny section of the tree. You can see some open flowers and some buds. I think you can even see a blurry "set" grapefruit off to the side. All the photos are a little blurry when you look at the larger versions---it is quite breezy outside!

Here is a closer shot of just some buds! Aren't they cute? They look like they will be opening up soon!

And here is a final closer shot of some open blooms. Sorry for the bit of blurriness. You can see Mike's blog for a good photo of some set baby grapefruit! We don't seem to usually lose too many of the blooms or the baby grapefruit to wind, etc, so I guess once they are big enough to be more visible I will have to go out and cull a bunch of them. Maybe I will be more aggressive with it than I was last year. We lost very few of the bigger ones when we had the tail of the hurricane go through this past summer.

It is amazing to think that it is Friday already. This week has gone by quickly. Less than a week now till Anne's wrist surgery. We will all be so glad to be done with that.

I talked to Christine briefly on IM yesterday! She is being bothered by allergies, and was suffering from a bad headache. They were expecting an American couple who were to come look at the house. I think she said the guy is stationed at Ramstein. The movers are supposed to be back today to get Brian and Christine's unaccompanied baggage. The house will sure be empty now. I think they will be moving into temporary quarters early next week.

Had I mentioned that they are going to be putting traffic signals in at Murrell and Old Glory? Those are the roads that we take to get to the house---turn from Murrell onto Old Glory, and then right onto Crane Creek. We really do need the lights, and I will be glad when they are installed. The crews have been working on the initial stuff for a while now. They have been digging, putting in all the underground bits. Traffic continues to increase on Murrell, and the "over 55" development across the road has their main gate right there at that intersection. Some of them get quite impatient and don't use good driving practices!


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