Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Super Quick Update

We finally got Anne's surgery time, and it isn't till 1.15 p.m. on Thursday. Well, we knew Thursday was the day, just didn't know the time. We don't have to be there till 12 noon. Since Anne isn't allowed to eat or drink ANYTHING after 12 midnight tonight, I plan to let her sleep until such time as she has to get up in order for us to arrive in time. No sense in making her suffer any more than necessary.

She had a good dinner, with plenty of good meaty things to cut with a knife. I guess we will soon be back to me cutting her meat for her. It sucks for her much more than for me. I know we all hope that it won't have to be too long. The term 4 weeks doesn't always have to mean exactly 4 weeks, eh? Of course, cast time is followed by 4 weeks of splint time, so it won't be too fast and easy no matter what. Her appointment on Monday is to have her wrist rebandaged, and we assume that means getting the cast put on. I remember from my foot surgery, that they can't cast till most of the swelling goes down. I just hope she isn't in bandages till the second appt and then goes into a cast after the stitches come out. We don't have a lot of hard data, but the doc is good, highly recommended by a lot of people long before this came up, so we figure he at least knows what he is doing.

We have been anxiously waiting for this new Outback to open. The other local ones are on Merritt Island and down in Palm Bay, both of which are a good half hour or more to get to. The new one is not more than 10 minutes or so! Hurrah!

Well, I will blog or whatever tomorrow, after we are back from the big adventure. We don't imagine the surgery will take too long, but recovery times seems to fluctuate so much, there is no telling how long that will take. So, I haven't a clue as to what time we might be home from all this. I'll be in touch though!

Take care all, and good thoughts and prayers for Anne are always welcome. Thanks!


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