Friday, April 14, 2006


They are in Texas!!!! Hurrah!!!!!

I had the bright idea of looking up the number for lodging, and checked to see if they were there. They do have pets allowed units, and I was hoping they were able to get one. Yes, they were!

I talked to Christine and then to Brian! They are all fine. The trip was a long one, of course, and they haven't gotten their sleep schedules on track yet, since they just got in late last evening. They got the car this morning and headed for the base.

I have a phone number--if you want it, email me and I will email it to you! I guess that isn't good info to put onto the blog, since there is no guarantee of just who all might see it.

They said Michelle did just great on the flight. She only cried the one time, that they mentioned. It was while they were landing, and she happened to be awake. She is quite the little trouper!

They are amazed at how hot it is. On the drive to the base, Brian watched the thermometer in the car, and it was 90 degrees. I had already checked online for their local temps and the temps in Germany, where it is 50 degrees. Quite a change for them! Brian says it is quite arid where they are, with cactus along the side of the road, etc. He really wasn't old enough to remember the drives through west Texas, Arizona and New Mexico when he was little. It will be quite a difference for them.

Well, off I go, take care and more news here as I know more!


At 9:48 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Oh I know you must be excited - it won't be lond now and you will be able to spoil Michelle!!!


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