Thursday, April 13, 2006


Yep, Brian, Christine, Baby Michelle, and Pudgy the dog, will arrive in Texas sometime today!!!!!! Brian and Christine have been so busy these last few days, that I never got a chance to ask what time they are to arrive in Dallas. I think there was some hope that they would arrive in time to get the car before the place closes at 5 p.m.? I guess we will all find out eventually. It will be great having them so much closer!

Here are some baby grapefruit! Aren't they cute? It was quite breezy, and they didn't want to hold still, so I am surprised the photos came out as well as they did. Of course, I have deleted the photos that were so fuzzy you couldn't even tell there were grapefruit in the shot! It looks like we will have quite a crop of them this year. The funny thing we noticed when the tree was blooming, is that there were blooms (and now visible baby grapefruit) all the way to the top of the tree. Last year, the blooms and then fruit were all located on the bottom half of the tree (not counting the trunk, of course). We found that to be very handy, of course, as that meant that all the fruit was easily reached for picking. I am not sure what we will do next year, if the top ones don't fall or get blown off. Oh well.....

As Mike mentioned in his blog, we had a little bit of rain yesterday. It didn't look like anything really collected in the rain gauge, so "little bit" really is about the size of it. I heard on the noon news yesterday that there was a fire in Rockledge, which is a little bit north of us, but still in Brevard County. I didn't hear if there was any indication as to how it started, but it was burning near a school, which was sure not a good thing. I think they have it under control now.

The traffic signals are all installed and just waiting to be uncovered and put into use at our intersection. We will be so glad when they are working, and are really hoping that they have protected left arrows. On Tuesday, when Anne and I were headed home, I pulled into the turn lane to turn onto Old Glory, and there was an SUV in front of me. Stopped. I could see that there was absolutely no traffic coming from the other direction, it was totally clear to turn left. This SUV just sat there. I guess it didn't register that the signals were still covered and not in operation yet? Despite two little honks, the driver still ended up sitting there, till traffic did arrive to block the way, but once that was all clear, did finally move! I guess maybe I should have honked a little louder? It was a good thing we weren't in a hurry.

Anne got a huge laugh yesterday, as we were driving home. Sam and Ethel (or some of their crane friends) were at the side of the road on Murrell. They were standing right at the sign that said "caution, wild life crossing", and Anne said Sam was watching the traffic, waiting till it was clear to cross! They really do that, most of the time. They are pretty smart birds.

Anne had her ultrasound yesterday. The tech said the size of her spleen has decreased just a little, and even so, her spleen is twice the size it is supposed to be. Hummmmm. She has an appt for the results of all the tests on Monday, and we will be interested to hear what they have to say about it all.

Well, Brian and Christine, I hope you all had a good trip home, and got the car without any problems. Do call if you need anything, or even just to let us know you are there. I hope Michelle did okay with flying for the first time--Pudgy too! We look forward to hearing all about it!


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