Monday, April 17, 2006

Hot and Waiting

It is hot out. I think 89 degrees at 5.53 p.m. counts as hot, right? Surely it has cooled down a little bit since the high part of the day? Who knows, maybe we did break the local record? I saw it listed on TV today, while waiting at the Doc's office. The record high for the day was 90 degrees, (in Melbourne) and was set in 1972. Who knows? Although I will say, that Anne and I didn't think it felt that hot out, except as we were getting in the car. It got pretty warm inside there!

Mike just came back in from walking. I imagine he got pretty warm. He wore the pith helmet today--good plan! He has really been getting a browned/burned neck from walking. The baseball cap just doesn't do anything to protect the neck, eh?

Anne's appt-----Still not to go back to work. The spleen, as mentioned recently, is still twice its normal size. Carol (the nurse-practitioner) did briefly wonder out loud if it has always just been so large? I doubt it, although she didn't expect an answer and didn't wait for one. But, my thoughts at home are that Anne has had enough prodding and poking exams of her abdomen, along with enough ultrasounds, etc, that if it had always been this big, we would have heard about it. Anyway, the long and the short is that Carol is referring Anne to an infectious disease specialist, and then Anne is to follow up with Dr. Venero. I guess Carol is out of ideas and feels that the doctor needs to take over. Oh, I forgot to mention that Anne continues to run a low grade fever---has for months now, when her normal trend in the past has been to run a good degree or more below normal. Also, the blood work---the mono antibodies are not decreasing as expected. Carol wonders, as do we, if there is something else going on besides the mono. So, no work till the two docs have been seen, and then they will go from there.

Although I am sure Anne is sick to death of being at home, she is also still so fatigued that the thought of going back to work probably scares her half to death. So, this is a good outcome, under the circumstances. Now, we will just hope that the specialist finds something and can do something about it, and make our sweetie all better. Cross your fingers, and prayers on her behalf are happily accepted.

So, that is life here in Florida. It is really nice knowing that Brian and Christine, and our sweet baby, are just a few states over in Texas! How cool is that? It will be so good to see them, when the time comes. Good luck with the house hunting, kids!


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