Sunday, April 23, 2006

Slow Weekend

I am not sure why I say, that. I guess in some ways we have done more than usual. We had thunderstorms and some rain yesterday. It really poured at times, but was one of those deals where clouds move in, it rains, they move out, more move in, etc, etc, etc. I checked the rain gauge just a while ago and there was not quite half an inch of rain in it. Oh well.

I made chocolate chips cookies yesterday. I wanted something to take along to Mike's boss Glenn's place. He was having several of us over, to watch Monty Python, etc, and see the house. They have had an extensive remodeling done, and its all done except finishing up their inside bits. It was interesting to see. Mike has seen it at different stages, and mentioned that they had all the walls painted different colors. It sounded really sort of strange, but actually looks really neat. The family room, for example, is yellow and lavender. It looks really nice! Humm, the kitchen is a nice green and yellow, with some sky blue. The very long center island is covered with a really neat dark blue countertop, with sparkly bits in it. Really looks nice. Anyway, it is one of those places that sort of defy description. Nice though!

So, we all watched several episodes of Monty Python, then they put on the movie Tommy Boy. We had not seen it, although all the rest had. It was funny, but one that I think one viewing of is enough. Anne started a sock and made good progress on it.

I think we are going out to eat tonight since we missed last night. The festivities were to start at 4, and we didn't get home till about 10. Glenn made chicken wings, with a number of different seasonings, and they were really good. The cookies I brought made a sweet addition to everything else. It was a really nice evening out!

No word from Brian and Christine. It looks like the weather is going to be quite variable for a few days, with high 80's one day and 66 the next. Yikes! Then warming back up again. Looks like there are thunderstorms in their forecast too.


At 11:14 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Sounds like the cookies were a hit, and you can never go wrong with chicken wings either! It's nice to get together with friends! Beth is here this weekend, and we have had a nice visit.


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