Monday, May 08, 2006

We Are Home!

Check back tomorrow, as there is absolutely no time to tell it all, or even much of it.

We had a great trip, and a great trip back home. Some little blips along the way, but nothing major, nothing that held us up too much, etc.

It was wonderful seeing Jo again and finally meeting Eric! And seeing their lovely home. It is really gorgeous! We all really like Eric a lot---!!!!!!! It was a wonderful visit, just wish it could have been longer! Thank you so much for putting up with us!

It was also great meeting Jo's friend Mayellen! I hope you have a good trip back to Lufkin!

It was super to see Becky again, after an unbelievable 11 years gap. We will have to make sure that doesn't happen again! It was great to finally meet her husband Tom (very nice!!!!) and see their two children, Zack and Maddie (so cute and sweet!)! Thanks again for putting us up Friday night! How did the t-ball go?

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was totally awesome! I will write more about it later, probably mostly in the other blog, but I will mention it here when I have done it!

We had a good trip home. All is well. No disasters. The house is still here. The girl across the street took on the job of feeding and watering the kitties, and collecting the mail and newspapers. She did a great job! The kitties are well and seem to be happy to see us. Mickey was here just a minute ago, licking my arm!

Anne was totally worn out by the festival, as I figured she would be. She was a real trouper there, and we managed to see a lot. I figured she was running on adrenalin and I think that was really the case. She slept almost all the way home. On the plus side, her appetite has been better on Sunday and Monday than it has been in ages. Keep your fingers crossed!

We are home, will have to get Mike's car tomorrow, so I will have to take him to work in the morning and pick him up and take him to the car place after work. Just as well since Anne has a morning appt tomorrow, I will be up earlier than usual and can maybe blog a bit!

Take care, check back later for more!


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Great to hear you had such a super time in MD. Mayellen and I toured in the rain, finally cleared up and had sun today as we headed back to Richmond. We still had a nice time though and completely enjoyed ourselves.

Can't wait to hear about you wheel - you lucky girl you!!! Mom and Dad are not coming, but mom seems somewhat better. I will order flowers for Mother's day tonight and let you know about them.

Hope Anne is resting up and not to tired out.

Will wait anxiously for more news!


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