Friday, May 12, 2006


Yep, today is Dad Walters' birthday. Hard to believe that another year has come and gone since the last one, eh?? I hope you all have a nice dinner out, and a great meal!

Not much going on here. Of course, it is still pretty early, so not much time yet.

Some fun news yesterday! I was wondering how the frangi pani was doing, as you might remember there were buds on it? Mike let me know that it was in bloom! I had a look out the window yesterday, it is really pretty. There are three clusters of blooms this time, and they are just as gorgeous as last year! I went out just now and took some pictures. I was afraid none of them would come out, as the flowers mostly face in such a way that I was afraid I would get too much sun and the pictures wouldn't come out. I got lucky! This is a photo of the lowest cluster...

Aren't they beautiful?

I smelled the gardenias right away when I went out. I stood a good distance from the bush, to the one side, and I was able to count at least 15 flowers on it. Some are already fading, some are just opening, and some are fully open. The magnolia has a lot of flowers on it too, we noticed it immediately when we got home on Monday. Really is pretty.

Today I will oil the wheel, and we can do some spinning. I will probably go ahead and let Anne play with the wheel, and I will work on unpacking books! There will be plenty of time for me to spin later, and she needs the comfort and relaxation that spinning can bring.

Well, I guess that will do for now. Once again, Happy Birthday, Dad Walters, and many more!


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