Friday, May 26, 2006

Sunny and Warm....

With afternoon thunderstorms. That is soon to be our usual forecast. We are fast approaching the summer rainy season and hurricane season. Our drought (we are a good 7.5 inches below normal now) should soon come to an end, I guess that is the good news! The bad news, of course....... rain, thunderstorms, and the risk of hurricanes. They seem to be predicting fewer hurricanes than last year, though, and we only had one even come close last summer, so things are looking okay!

We had clouds yesterday--the scattered variety---which increased and decreased during the course of the day. A nice change, in some ways! I think we had a few drops of the wet stuff land on the windshield while out running errands, but that was about all she wrote as far as rain was concerned. Typical!

Anne had her appt with the hematologist yesterday. It went well. The doctor is Dr. Pichardo--pronounce the ch like the ch in cheese. She is a wonder! She is thorough. She is interested. All good things in a specialist. She actually said, that once a patient walks through her door, she is obligated to do everything she can to find the problem. Or something to that effect. Such an difference from the last specialist, who was pretty useless.

Anyway, Dr. Pichardo asked lots of questions and gave Anne a good going over. She agrees the spleen is enlarged, but not grossly so. That is good! She has ordered a CT scan, and more bloodwork. They took the blood there, and the girl who jabbed Anne was good, just the one jab and that did it. I get the impression the doc is checking all kinds of things. They scheduled the CT, that will be done on 6 June. Anne will see Dr. Pichardo again on 20 June for the results of everything. We will keep you posted.......

Anne has "got it" with the spinning, once again. She spun two bobbins, actually, with the rovings she showed on her knitting blog. Really does look pretty. I think the yarn on each bobbin looks different, because of the way the rovings were prepared for spinning. I think she has a plan for plying it all, and it should look really awesome. The singles look really great!

Sorry for departing from protocol, and doing medical and crafty info on this blog! Needless to say, anyone not interested is welcome to skip the bits they don't care about!

I talked to Brian very briefly the other day, they are all fine. I know they are anxious to get into their house. It won't be too much longer now! I know they are looking forward to their trip to see the Walters. I am almost jealous that they will get to see Michelle before we will, but I am philosophical about it--we will get our turn!! I am just glad they will get to see her, and Brian and Christine. It has been so long since they saw Brian and Christine last. I am sure it will be a great visit.

Take care all, you are in my thoughts!


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