Thursday, June 01, 2006

It Was a Dark and Stormy Day...

Well, not really. It started out sunny, then got cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy---if you are guessing that the weather is rather unsettled, you would be right. I really thought at times there that we would finally get the thunderstorms that they keep predicting, but so far, no dice. Oh well.

I did notice when taking a walk around the house yesterday, photographing flowers, etc, that there is still a good crop of dollar weed at the side of the house. How does that work? Too much water is what is supposed to encourage it to grow. Oh well. At least it isn't an ugly weed, so I don't mind as much!

I noticed this morning that there were more buds than I thought on the magnolia, and a good number of them opened up. I counted 4 flowers opened up--that is just what I can see from the living room window. Looks really pretty!

I am having a laundry day, I started off right, by bringing out a load and putting it in before even pouring a cup of coffee. Have you fainted from surprise? I know, it is rather unbelievable, isn't it? But, I really did. Load number 3 is in right now, with more waiting, but they won't get done today. It isn't all as good as it sounds, since I like to do little loads, with the water level reduced. I just can't stand for hours folding the resulting mass of clothes from larger loads--and I prefer to fold from the dryer, as I don't think things wrinkle as much that way.

Anne has continued to spin up a storm. I need to oil the wheel again, it has a squeak! She can definitely tell the difference between the different kinds of wool. She says this wool she is currently spinning is like spinning cotton candy, really easy.

Anne had a chance to talk to Christine on IM today! I hope their new house isn't too much of a mess when they finally get possession. Christine says that the family is packing out on closing day. It is a military family, and I can't imagine why they cut it that close, unless perhaps they are planning a door to door move? Still. I am sure that all will work out fine, they just may have the typical dirty house to clean. Oh well.

Not much else going on, but will leave you with a photo of some of the baby grapefruit, which still vary greatly in size, but are all getting bigger. I will have to go take a good look soon, and see if I have to cull out a bunch. From the quick glance I had yesterday, I might not have to cull this year, despite the number of blooms on the tree earlier on? I imagine that once I really start looking though, I will see that there are gazillions of the little things on there.


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