Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Still Under the Influence?

I really thought when I got up this morning, that we were pretty well done with the rain from Alberto. The sky was very bright, so bright that I couldn't even tell exactly what kind of cloud cover was up there in the sky, just that it was thin enough near the sun that the sky was very bright. Later I was able to see that we still had big fluffy clouds, although the sky was still much lighter than yesterday.

We had a real good shower of rain, which didn't last too long. I looked out later, saw that everything was drying up and the sun was actually peaking through the clouds. Hurrah, clearing in the offing, right? I checked the rain gauge, which now held 1/10 (haha!) inch of rain. I went and tried to take pictures of the different plants in Mike's butterfly garden. I say tried, because some of them were so overexposed that you couldn't see the flowers. Oh well. Here is a photo of one of the milkweed plants Joel put in:


It still looks pretty good, despite all the pounding rain-haha.

I have been trying to identify the rest, and I am having less success than I expected. I do know the passion flower, of course, and you can see part of it in the photo of the milkweed. Mike will probably do better, especially once he has taken photos with his camera--you know those will be good!

Meanwhile, the rain is back, with the addition of a thunderstorm.

I will go ahead and leave you with a cute photo of Michelle at her early birthday party, reserving the right to put it up again on her actual birthday!



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