Monday, June 19, 2006


This past week went by so fast, it was amazing. Anne had the unpleasant experience of having it both drag and go by so fast it was a flash, all at the same time. I do find it amazing we are past the middle of June already.

I hope all the dads had a great day yesterday!! It did sound like it from the phone calls! Mike talked to his dad, and I got to talk to his mom. I hope you had a good day, Dad Walters! They are keeping busy getting ready for a visit to Jo. I know they will all enjoy that!

I talked to my dad late last night, late for me, not so late for them. That 3 hour time diffence is a help sometimes! He had a great time on the firing range with Chris and Phil. And then Mary had a great dinner for them all. I'm sure Mom and Mary had a good visit while the guys were out firing guns! Sounds like a great day! No fishing though--oh well---haha!

I called Brian, and saved him a dime (haha), as I had been meaning to call for 3 days by then and it was always either too early or too late when I remembered. They are doing well. They are thrilled to be in the house, and out of any and all temp housing! They are taking their time getting moved in, and maybe that is a good thing. He said they have already had their unaccompanied baggage delivered, and will call today to set up delivery of the rest of their stuff. They wanted time to get some things done around the house before it was full of boxes. This also gave them time to get all the unaccompanied baggage unpacked and settled, before the rest came. I am sure it is all working out for them. Michelle has her crib now, so I am sure she is happy! Brian is quite handy, and it will serve him well in their new house! Michelle isn't quite walking on her own yet, but is getting closer to it. She sounds like quite the little pistol, and I know they are having fun with her! Oh, almost forgot, they did get their fridge and washer and dryer from layaway, and Brian got them all installed. It isn't so bad camping in your house, when you have a fridge and can wash and dry clothes!

I checked the rain gauge late yesterday to find that it held a whole 8/10 of an inch! Wow! I think that was all the rain we had during the night Sat/Sun. I hadn't thought it rained that much, but then I guess I fell asleep and didn't hear most of it. Still, it is good to finally be getting some rain, and have a hope of getting the rain shortage taken care of. Sadly, I think we are just getting closer to getting the amount of rain we are supposed to, and I imagine we will be playing catch-up for a good while. It would sure be nice to see the lakes and ponds filled up again.

I am trying to get geared up to seriously get back to working on the house. I've been a bit headachy lately and it doesn't make it easy to find the oomph to get at it. Making excuses, eh? Oh well. I might get out and rearrange things in the garage, as with it the way it is, I don't want to put more out there. After almost two years in the house, the drain for the a/c finally clogged--not that we were happily looking forward to that or anything, mind you! The only good thing about it is that I found it fairly quickly and the water is backing into the garage instead of on the hall carpet as in Ohio. Mike and I dumped in bleach and water on Saturday, and that seemed to do it. I found late yesterday that it hadn't. Oh well. I was out this morning, before coffee, to do it again. One picture box is soaked and a box of garage stuff has a wet bottom, but everything else is okay--the water kindly meandered around everything else. It sure could have been worse.

Well, I guess it is time to finish up and try to get some things done around here! It is bright and sunny, so as long as we get outdoor things done before the afternoon thunderstorms, we should be okay. This is the time of year that they are the norm, and it sounded like there was a good chance of it today when they did the weather forecast last night. You all take care!


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