Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Yes folks, it is once again that time of year. The day we celebrate the "birth" of our country, and the birth of Anne! I know I will never forget the night she was born. The hospital staff was thrilled to have a 4th of July baby born that evening. Especially since it was an Air Force hospital! They dubbed her their "little firecracker!" We called her that too, of course.

I have raided a number of files on the computer to find some photos of Anne. Our first photo is of young Anne, who enjoyed having her hair put in rollers by Grandma Brady. Isn't she just so cute????


Here she is with an emu in Australia. That was our world traveler's first trip abroad--3 weeks in Australia. She was in Cairns for her 16th birthday, just days before coming home.


Here is a shot of Anne in Chile. I'm not sure if it is the first trip or the second one. She went from world traveler to world traveler/scholar, doing two studies abroad in Santiago.


Here she is with her favorite brother, Brian, during a time at home!


Then she graduated from Mount Union College, with a double major, no less!


Then a school year in Germany. This is the only photo I could find of her taken there. I am sure there must be others somewhere, but I couldn't find them.


And here she is in Florida with us. I love this photo of her at the beach, with the sock I was knitting. I am sure I have other photos of her at the beach, but....


Happy Birthday, Anne!

In other news..... no rain at all yesterday, but we had 1.9 inches on Sunday. We are hoping the launch goes off okay today.

I talked to Brian on IM today. They are doing fine. He has been hard at work, getting their storage shed set up. He built a floor for it, and they are almost done. They had rain delays yesterday, or was it the other day? I know he will be glad to have it finished! Michelle is getting around quick as can be, and those teeth are slowly working their way in. I am sure Christine keeps plenty busy chasing around after her!

Well, I had best go. You all take care, and have a great day!


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