Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Yes folks, progress, on so many levels.

Some judicious watering saved the iffy plants in the butterfly garden. I think I had mentioned that one looked like it wasn't going to make it, and another looked like half the plant might expire? Well, the plants, they are alive! It always amazes me the recouperative powers plants sometimes have.

I think I had mentioned before that after the garden was put in, and we had that big rain, all the flower buds were beaten off the passion flower vine? Well, it has new buds out and has been blooming, too! Here is a "not too blurry" photo of one that just opened up today. There is a second flower that is almost totally open, but it was really blurry. There are about 5 more buds on the vine too.


Isn't it pretty? I think it is the same color as yours, Mom? I do wonder if it will fruit or if it just puts out the flowers? I should have taken a closer look.

While I am talking about the butterfly garden, I did get a little surprise while I was out there taking photos! A butterfly!!!! Who would have thought? Nice to know that at least one has found the garden though. I got one shot, and then when I tried to get a bit closer one, said butterfly decided it was camera shy, and it took off. Here it is....


Looks like it is happy with the pentas/Egyptian Star Cluster!

On Monday we stopped back at the doc's to get them to put a date on Anne's note that allows her to go back to work. We then headed for the base and had a good chat with the HR gal. She is so nice. We expected to hear from her yesterday (Tuesday) but didn't. Anne made two calls over to try to get her, but she was out of her office and has no voice mail. Oh well. We may hear something today? Not that Anne minds too greatly having the start of work put off a little bit more?

We got quite a late start running errands on Monday, due to RAIN! More specifically, a honking big thunderstorm, with lightning so loud and close sounding that I turned off the washing machine, and decided NOT to use the telephone. As you might have guessed, it was courtesy of that tropical storm that went through late last week, that was supposed to give us rain over the weekend. It didn't. Well, not much anyway! But, it did its swirly thing, and came back over Florida on its way to the east coast. We had a lovely sunny day on Monday morning, then the clouds rolled in. The rain really pounded down, and then of course, that thunderstorm kicked in. We got 2-3/10 inches of rain out of it (total for the day)! We got two big waves of it, the one before we did our running, and another big batch of it sometime after we got home and into the evening. Yesterday was nice and sunny again, and then we had a big thunderstorm in the late afternoon/evening. We got 1.5 inches of rain and we even had some hail. It was about pea size, the big ones, not the little tiny ones! It doesn't seem to have done any damage to the plants or anything, thank goodness!

Not much else going on, so will leave you for now and hope for something else to write about soon!


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