Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Almost a Week

Sorry about that. Didn't mean to be away for so long. It has been a busy week, that is my only excuse.

Friday was especially busy, with two doc appts for Anne. She saw Dr. Venero first. He was concerned that the sinus infection has not improved, she isn't feeling any better, and she continues to run a fever. Not a bad one, but a fever, nonetheless. He took a good listen to her heart, too. A check of her ears showed that she has an ear infection, and her ear drum looks funny. He wasn't happy about the CT scan of her sinuses not being till 28 July. He wanted it moved up (I was able to get it changed to today--25 July), and also to include the right ear in addition to the sinuses. He also ordered more blood work, and an echocardiogram. Sorry to those that I emailed---I am sure I said an EKG, as we are both sort of sure that is what he said, but he wrote down echo, and it makes more sense. Anyway..... We are still waiting for the appt for the echo. Anne sees him again on Monday.

Then it was off to see Dr. Lozito, where we got oodles of good news. The EEG and the MRI are just fine. No problems there at all. He was surprised to hear that she continues to have trouble with her sinuses, as the MRI shows them to be clear. A real mystery, as when Dr. Venero looked up her nose, her sinuses were very congested. I guess maybe the CT scan will make all clear? Anyway... Dr. Lozito increased Anne's dosage of depakote, prescribed to prevent migraines. She was still having about one a week, and was still having some "regular" headaches---and he says that the depakote should help prevent those too. So, we will see.

After all that, we stopped at the vampire shop and Karen, Anne's favorite vampire, took tons and tons of blood from her. The test required 4 jabs, two from each arm. It wasn't fun, but Anne took it like a trouper. We haven't heard anything about results yet.

Monday---the cars need to be re-registered, and I planned to do that. Also, the hot water heater, which did a bit of dripping back in May, then stopped dripping, has started to drip again---I noticed when I was out putting the recycling tub back in the garage. It is dripping from two spots now. Humm, time for a new hot water heater? That was my plan. Needless to say, the day did not go as planned. We made a trip to the base first, for Anne to talk to the HR gal. All is fine, they are still waiting for more detailed info before they will start her back to work, but don't seem to be fussed about it all. They are so nice there. It was getting late by the time we got done, so we boogied off to Sears, to find that they have only one kind of gas hot water heater, and didn't have our size in stock. Nuts! I could have them order one, it would take about 5 days to arrive. I decided I would rather look around at the other stores, and if need be, can check at the other Sears and see if they have one in stock. The dripping has slowed down, once again, so I guess there isn't too big a rush?????

By the time we got done there, and drove most of the way to the tax collector place to re-register the cars, it was too close to closing time to mess with it. So, we came home.

Today I went and registered the cars, and it was no trouble at all. I am glad to have that done with! Anne had her CT scan, and it was okay. She enjoys chatting with the guy (Ed) who did her scan---he has done all the CT scans she has had done at that office. They joke and have a grand old time. No word on the echo, but I called Dr. Venero's office, as it has become clear that the gal who is to schedule it didn't get the message that he wanted this all done quickly. We should hear something tomorrow morning.

I found out today, from Anne, that Brian is TDY in Alaska--some class he had to take? He didn't think to tell us, Anne found out in passing from Christine. Christine has joined the family knitters---it seems she is quite taken with it. Knitting, that is! I don't know where exactly Brian is or how long he will be gone.

Anne came in to tell me that if you put a barrette in Mickey's fur (on her head), she can shake her head hard enough to make it go flying. Always a good thing to know!

We continue warm/hot and mostly sunny, with the odd rain storm or thunderstorm now and then. We haven't had much rain lately though. Mike did get home to pouring rain yesterday, before we got home, and he had pulled his car up to the garage so he wouldn't have to get any wetter than necessary. It had stopped raining by the time we got home, and we had the interesting experience of seeing him in his car, trying to back it up to where he usually parks. The only problem????? A sand hill crane in the driveway, right in the spot where Mike usually parks. I had a hope of pulling in to my spot, but Mr. Crane decided he wanted to move and he walked right over to my side of the driveway. I went up the street and turned around, and when I came back, the crane was gone and Mike had reparked his car. I don't think this has quite happened before to us.

Well, we hope for a quieter week, what is left of it. Mike's birthday is Thursday and he has taken Thursday and Friday off work. He will enjoy his long weekend. Take care all of you, and more later.


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