Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm Back.....

Well, what a day. Dr. Venero's office called this morning, within half an hour of opening for the day, and asked if Anne could come in at 11. Yes, of course. She saw the nurse practitioner, which we hadn't expected, but it was okay. She checked everything out, prescribed a different antibiotic, ordered a CT scan to be done in 10-14 days--after the antibiotics are done. To make sure that Anne's head---oops, sinuses! ---are cleared out. I guess we will see. She asked a lot of questions about the asthma, allergies, etc. Of course, Anne never tests positive on any allergy tests, except that in Germany she finally tested positive for an allergy to dust mites. We know she has allergies, not sure what the deal with the testing is. Anyway, it looked like she might end up either seeing Dr. O'Hare again, or an allergist. Fun. But, if some good comes from it all, that would be great!

We stopped at Anne's favorite vampire hangout--our friendly neighborhood lab. We got the stuff ordered by Dr. Venero taken care of, and most of the stuff ordered by Dr. Dhruv, but not all as we found that she ordered a repeat of the 3 hour glucose test--can't complain that she is slack or skimps, can we? Just being careful and sure, since Anne did have a high glucose level that one time. Anyway, we will have to go back for that, a different day, as it requires fasting, and Anne will have to be there by 9 so the test can be completed before they close for lunch.

We got home to find a message from the hematologist's, and I called them back to find that they have the letter for work. We will stop by and get it tomorrow after Anne's MRI of her brain. This is the one ordered by Dr. LoZito because of the increase and change in her migraines. She has her EEG on Friday. Speaking of migraines, the depakote seems to be working out just fine, no migraines since she started it.

I did a little bit more of the "under-layer of wallpaper border" removal this afternoon. There is just enough texture in places in the wall/paint, that sometimes bits of paint are scraped off along with the paper. I see a little bit of repainting in my future.

Oh, Anne and I went around and looked at the passion flower when we got home, and there are three open flowers at the top, and two down below. Really pretty!

Off I go, Mike is home already and Anne will want a shot at the computer, since she hasn't been on. She had a nap when we got home from the doc visit and errands. Take care all and more later.....


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