Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We Heard the Shuttle!

Yep, we heard it, but we didn't see it. Yesterday morning early saw us at our friendly neighborhood vampire shop---ie the lab. Dr. Dhruv, being extremely cautious, had ordered another 3 hour glucose tolerance test. Monday was the day that worked best for us to get there. At about 9.10 a.m., a large boom was heard, along with some minor shaking of the building. It was raining outside, down there, but I guess not up at Cape Canaveral? Anyway, it was the shuttle going by. Hurrah! I don't imagine we could have seen it fly by anyway, with the rain. It was still neat to hear it!

After Anne's vampire finished with her, we came back home and Anne went back to bed, totally exhausted from her morning. I worked on some laundry, replaced a light bulb in the kitchen, and got the rest of the under section of wallpaper border removed from over the doorway to the dining room. That bit is all done now, and looks much better!

We seem to have a little bit of rain many days of the week now, but it doesn't seem to amount to much. I haven't been finding much in the rain gauge, anyway--haha. The lawn and plants all seem to be fine, although the sprinklers are still on and do their thing twice a week, so that has something to do with it. The butterfly garden is doing well. The plants are all growing and spreading out--basically, thriving. The passion vine has been doing fine, although it is a real caterpillar magnet, and the caterpillars do love to eat the flower buds. I have lost track of some, and am not sure if they are just eating the unopened ones, or are also eating some of the spent ones? In any case, they are eating. A shame not to have the flowers in some cases, but they are there to support the butterflies, so that is the important bit, right? Mike was able to get one of the plant varieties in the garden identified, it is Lantana. Really pretty, in any case, as are they all.

I have spent the whole morning on the computer, paying bills, talking to AOL help support trying to figure out why email from the credit union won't come through, etc. It has been a busy day, already. Well, I guess not already, since it is after 2 p.m. already. Where has the day gone?

I have been reading more in the evenings, and am zipping through the books. Naturally, I got a lot read yesterday too, while we sat at the lab for 3 hours. Lets see, more Marcia Muller, more Dorothy Cannell, and I finished a book by Bob Hope, that I am going to be sending to my folks. I think they would both enjoy it, and Dad will enjoy reading about the Bob Hope tours to Alaska, etc.

We are still waiting on a new letter from the hematologist so that Anne can return to work. Not that we have really been waiting that long, as the doc has been out, and just got back yesterday. Things do move slowly sometimes. Just a shame that the first effort wasn't what was needed. I'm not sure how the sinus infection is going--not quite as troublesome as it was last Friday, I don't think, and the fever going down a tiny bit. Maybe it will finally start to respond to these antibiotics?

Well, I am off now, things to do, and all that stuff. Take care all!


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