Thursday, July 27, 2006


Yep, it is Mike's birthday, once again. I think he has stopped counting, but he is a good sport about celebrating the day!

No photos, as none of the good ones are digitized. Such is life, right?

Mike went out this morning to get the newspaper and got side-tracked. I hope he will blog about it---he says he usually has nothing to write about. Lets just say, he saw a caterpillar out in the garden last week, hanging straight down and wondered if perhaps it was thinking of building itself a cocoon!

It is too early for anything to have happened yet. I did have an email from Brian, and one from my mom, both of which answered a number of Brian questions--haha. He is in Fairbanks, will be back soon, and is having a good time there. He says they are getting about 3 hours of darkness at night. It sounds like he is eating lots of good seafood, etc. Yummm! I am sure Christine will be glad to have him home again, and Michelle too. It sounds like Christine has been bitten by the knitting bug!

Well, I had best get off the computer and get Mike's birthday cake made. He has asked for the Mrs. Raney chocolate cake this year. Yummmmmm--Red Earth cake, and that lovely cooked fudgy frosting!

Before I go, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKE!!!!!!!


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