Monday, July 31, 2006

Howdy All

Here I am, back again. I posted on the Brain Blog, so please mosey on over there for an update on things medical.

Not too much going on around here. We still seem to do plenty of running around, and Anne does plenty of sleeping and napping. I had to get her up early for her appt today, so she is having a nap right now. She almost fell asleep on the way to the base, and again on the way home.

I managed to get some sorting out done today, so that was a really nice change! I got a basket full of receipts sorted--one pile to shred, one to save, one of medical stuff, one of business cards to store, etc. I love making even that little bit of progress. I have one load of laundry done, too, and another half done. Bit by bit, it all gets done eventually, right?????

I finished the book I was reading, Ilium. It was really good. I did rather wonder about it at the beginning, but it kept getting better as it went along, and I quite enjoyed it. I don't remember if there is a sequel, although I did notice that the author left it in such a way that a sequel was possible. I guess I will have to check.

Mike got home just a bit ago, and then I heard the rain start. I guess he got home just in time!

The butterfly garden is doing really well. The passion vine is recovering nicely, after being munched on by the caterpillars. There are new buds coming out and they will probably be opening up before too long. The plants are all spreading out nicely. I saw three butterflies out there yesterday, and Mike was able to get some photos.

It has been a bit hotter than usual, as it was 92 here yesterday and was supposed to be pretty warm today too. It isn't too horrible outside, but getting into the hot car is very steamy and feels very humid. Thank goodness for a/c!

Well, I am off, things to do, and all that--haha. You all take care and more later.


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