Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Howdy, Y'all!

Here we are, another week, another day, and not much new at all. Oh well, it's like that sometimes, eh?

We are back to more normal temps for our area. We hit 90 degrees yesterday, and the weather was nice. It truly doesn't feel nearly as hot here as it is, nor as hot as it used to feel in the summer in Beavercreek. I know we had high humidity there, but we have the same thing here too. Maybe it was just even higher there? No rain yesterday, even though they were saying we might get some. That dry air continues to "eat up" the incoming moist air, and kills the chance of rain. Mike, I am sure it doesn't really eat up the moisture, or does it? I guess it sort of dilutes it? Please feel free to comment and explain!!!!

Christine has blogged, so go check it out! I won't spill any of the beans. The Walters' have blogged too!!! We really have hit the jackpot today, with family blogging. Jo has blogged with lovely photos of yarn she has spun, and it is really gorgeous!

I saw an interesting video yesterday, on conspiracy theories. It was enough to make one's head spin around and around. Absolutely unbelievable stuff. I am not putting in a link only because I don't feel like going and getting it--and shoving it in here. If anyone wants, I will send it to you.

I made a tiny bit of progress in the sun room yesterday! Any progress is good, right? One day it all shall be done--don't hold your breath though--it will take a while--haha. When I finish this I will go do some more--do you think I am getting over my procrastination problems?

Sunday night Anne and I watched her latest Netflix offerings. Two episodes of Hetty Wainthrop Investigates. I won't spoil Anne's review (which I am sure she will write soon!) but will say I enjoyed it. So fun to see Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, LOST), as a very young man. I had remembered he was in them---I think Mom reminded me, as we had seen some episodes before--when visiting in CA??????

Well, enough for now--oh, I am taking a spin over to science fiction again, am currently reading Legacy by Greg Bear. I had a chance to go see him at a book signing in OH and didn't go--conflict with the day/time? I wish I could have gone. Oh well........


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