Saturday, September 02, 2006


Is that right? Happy Birthday, Mary!!!!!! Another year has come and gone. I hope the future holds great huge gobs of happiness for you! Have a great day with the folks, eh?

I am sure this will be a short post, as there really isn't much to talk about. We had a lively thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. I am so glad that Anne and I were home, having finished all our errands long before the thunderstorm hit. We only got 7/10 inches of rain out of it, so that isn't too bad. I am sure that Melbourne has probably just about got rid of its rain deficit.

Last I heard, Ernesto is still in the news, making his way further north and wreaking havoc as he goes. It looks like there has been a good bit of flooding in VA, and I see from blogs and email that Jo and Eric have had a tree fall on their house, due to winds (and rain) from Ernesto. Fortunately, the tree looks like a relatively young and thin tree, so hopefully there isn't much damage? One tends to forget that these hurricanes don't always do their damage just in Florida and the other southern/gulf states.

The shuttle launch has been rescheduled for this coming week! I hope it all goes off okay this time.

Well, that is all the news and more, so I will bring this to a close and hope for something interesting to write about next time. Best wishes to you all, especially to Mary!


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