Monday, August 28, 2006

Interesting Times

I guess I haven't paid enough attention to the news. Until last night, I thought that the launch was still scheduled for this afternoon. Not so. For some reason, which I have not heard, it was moved to Tuesday. Although they did say last night, that the shuttle had been thoroughly checked already, there was no damage to it from that lightning strike, and it could have gone off on Sunday as originally planned. Oh well. Now, of course, there is the question of just what Ernesto is doing and where he is going to go. Last night on the news they said that if the shuttle wasn't launched on Tuesday, they were considering a rollback--taking it back to the Assembly Building. The shuttle while on the launching pad can withstand hurricane strength winds, but not a direct hit, I believe they said?

I saw on the little crawling news dealie, during a hurricane press conference with the governor, that they are scrubbing Tuesday's launch, and are still deciding if they are going to move the shuttle or not. I guess they will wait till there is a bit more info, but they can't wait too long, as it takes a good while to get the shuttle moved, and it is very vulnerable while sitting on the transporter.

It looks like the projected path of Ernesto changes constantly, and of course, all the models are projecting different paths. The path shown on the news conference was probably the one least favorable (for the state). It showed Ernesto entering Florida near the southern tip, traveling up through a good bit of the state, and returning to the Atlantic somewhere north of us. Most of the ones I could find online showed Ernesto hitting near the Miami area, doing a short course on land, then heading to the Atlantic south of us. Time will tell. There is still a chance that it will weaken significantly while going over Cuba---an early death of the storm there would be just fine, right?

There isn't really anything new going on here. Anne continues her organizing quest, a little bit at a time. I believe she was sort of bit by the FlyLady bug, and she is putting that to good use--haha! A little bit at a time works out just fine, and doesn't tire her too much. I washed two loads of clothes from her room yesterday, and that was a good start too! I filed some more papers in the file drawer of the desk yesterday, and I am feeling more and more organized. Not that there isn't still plenty to do, but it is getting there!

The butterfly garden is growing like mad. I took a look at it yesterday, and moved some of the passion vine growth back to the arch--some of the little tendrils like to go attach themselves to some of the other plants. It looks like there are a number of buds on the passion vine again. I saw a pretty orange butterfly and one of the white peacock butterflies.

I guess it is a good thing that there isn't more to write about, eh? I will hope to at least have something interesting to write next time!


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous joyce manning said...

Sally and Anne,
Your blogs are truly a treat, esp. since Joanna has not blogged since the 9th of August. I miss her. Esp. loved hearing about Anne's flylady exploits. Our daughter Mindy lives by flylady - she is totally global. Please keep up your fantastic accounts. Joyce (Jo's friend in Texas)

At 2:57 PM, Blogger Sally said...

Hi Joyce--it was good to hear from you! We remember you well from times past. I am glad you enjoy the blogs. They are such a great way to keep people up to date on what is going on.


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