Sunday, September 03, 2006


We are back to the afternoon thunderstorms. I didn't miss them, and won't miss them when they are gone again. Still, they are kind of nice as long as you are safely at home and don't have to go out!

We had a nice quiet day yesterday. Mount Union played their first game of the season yesterday afternoon. They played a team that is new to the line-up, so an unknown quality. Seems that they weren't much of a challenge to Mount. The final score was 64-7. Ouch! Mike listened to most (all?) of the game on the radio by way of the computer. The announcers were horrible, and Mike said that 4 touchdowns were called back. I am sure that Coach Kehres will have something to say to the team about that. Three of those did end in touchdowns, but even so.

We had our usual Saturday evening dinner out. We went to the Gator this time, and it was very good, as usual. Anne and I shared the pork tenderloin, as usual. Yummmm! They take a chunk of tenderloin, split it, and grill it. It has a tasty barbeque type sauce that adds to the flavor. Delicious! We made a stop at the book store after, and came out to find that the gray clouds had spread and were quite black. As we got closer to home, the rain started and it was pouring when we did get home. It looked like it had been raining for a while here, so we probably would have gotten wet anyway. I checked the rain gauge this morning, we got an inch of rain from it.

I hear thunder rumbling outside, so it sounds like the afternoon storm is hitting earlier today. At least we don't have to go anywhere! We are enjoying the quiet holiday weekend. Anne gave Mike one of her Terry Pratchett books to read. He did look at the science fiction at the bookstore yesterday, but wasn't sure what he would like or not like. I already have most of what I am interested in, and he isn't too sure about those. Anne and I figured total fantasy would be better for him--just totally suspend belief or any need for logic or realism. I know part of the reason he wasn't wild about Eon was that the author hadn't set it far enough into the future---most of it was taking place in 2005. Oops! At least Heinlein had the sense to use alternate universe/history lines in his books, and tended not to mention dates, so that it wasn't "our Earth" that got caught up with.

Well, time for me to go. I am on the last book of the Agatha Christie monster-sized book---it is called Passenger to Frankfurt. It is one of her spy/"idiots trying to change the world" type books. They always make for interesting reading.

Take care all......


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