Saturday, September 09, 2006


Hurrah! After all the delays, worries of Ernesto, etc, Atlantis is finally on her way! Mike watched the preliminary video on the tv while I was on the computer, occasionally checking the NASA web page. Mike came back to give me a nine minute warning, and we watched the countdown together, then headed out to the driveway. There were quite a few clouds to the north-west, and we weren't sure how soon we would get to see the shuttle.


Here is the first photo I took. We saw the shuttle sooner than it is shown in the photo---it was so bright outside, I couldn't see anything at all in the camera viewer and had to just point the camera in the right direction and hope.



I figure I did pretty well, getting three shots of the shuttle. After the third photo, the shuttle was so small it wasn't worth trying to take any more. We watched for a few minutes, then went back inside. On taking another look at the photos, I see I got the camera in action quicker than it seemed at the time.

We did have another thunderstorm last night, but it was far enough off that we didn't get any rain. We didn't really need any, so that worked out well--haha.

Take care all......


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