Friday, September 08, 2006

Scrubbed Again

Yep, the launch was scrubbed again for today. The launch time was set for 11.14 a.m. Oh well. They are going to try again tomorrow morning. I sure hope it goes off just fine!

Yesterday was a somewhat busy day, with an early appointment for Anne with the hematologist. The good news is that her spleen is at a "normal" size again. It sounds from the measurement like it is a little bigger than the ultrasound people estimated her "normal" to be, but it is in the normal range now, and deemed safe. So, that is good. The doc has released her now, but is happy to see her again in the future if needed. Being released is a good thing, the doc commented that she doesn't get to do that very often.

We had a humongous thunderstorm last night. I am really glad we were all at home when it hit. A lot of thunder and lightning and a lot of it closeby. It absolutely poured rain, and I wasn't at all surprised to find 2.5 inches of rain in the rain gauge later on.

I haven't heard from Brian, but I always figure no news is good news. They are in Ohio doing the visiting thing, so I am sure they are keeping very busy. We are sure looking forward to our chance to see them all!

I have made some good progress on the stack of mail/junk mail on the nook table. A good thing we don't really use it often. I have quite a stack of paperwork to file. I am feeling more and more organized, which is a nice feeling.

I am overdue for taking a good look around the house. I really need to get out and do that. I do regularly get the view out the sun room windows, and enjoy seeing the butterflies that like the fly around in back. They drive Mike nuts, as half the time, if he goes out with his camera, they decide they have had enough of the back yard. The rest of the time, they fly around so much he can't get a shot of them. The ones in the butterfly garden tend to be a bit more considerate--haha!

Well, nothing new so I am going and will hope for something interesting next time--maybe news of the launch and a photo or two?


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