Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thundering Tuesday

I started to put Thursday, carrying on with the "Th" sound. Glad I caught it--haha!

I have found that my link to Mike's Photo of the Day doesn't seem to be working. I tried changing it so it went right to all the thumbnail photos, thinking that the daily change was the problem. That seems not to be the problem, as it still isn't working. Sorry about that.

The bug guy came today and did his spraying. We see very few bugs in the house and most of them are dead---thank goodness!

We have a good thunderstorm going. Not much rain yet, although Anne and I did get sprinkled on a bit at the base. It is sure rumbling outside now though. In the small world category, we were checking out at the BX and the cashier stopped to say hi to old friends who were behind us in line---it seems they are back in Florida (PCSing, not vacation), having come from TX. I asked where abouts in Texas, and it seems they have just come back here from Dyess. He was a pediatrician there. Wow!

Not much else going on. We are keeping busy, trying to get ready for our little trip. I will be very happy to be done with all this, especially if they find out what is wrong with Anne, and know how to fix it all and return her to good health. We will see.......

Oh, the shuttle landing has been postponed, as I guess you all know by now. I hope that all works out okay.

Take care all.


At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

I fixed the link, if anyone wants to try it. The problem was a "/" at the end of the path.


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