Monday, September 18, 2006

Podiatrist, Part 2

Hi all. Anne saw the podiatrist again this morning. Some examination of her foot showed more painful bits--the underside of the arch being the primary one. The verdict---MRI with contrast. So, she has an appt for that on Wednesday night---this place is one she has been to before, and they do have evening appts. This time she goes at 9.20 p.m.----I am not sure how late they stay open, but evidently past 9 p.m., in any case? She will follow up with the doc on Monday morning. That works out fine, since I don't plan for us to leave for Jacksonville till late afternoon or early evening.

The bug man is coming tomorrow, so I have the usual vacuuming, etc, to do before he comes. I have been getting some laundry done today too. I will have to make sure Mike has plenty of clean stuff ready before we go.

I saw on the news that the shuttle is to land on Wednesday. I don't imagine I will see it, but will probably hear it!

I talked to Brian and Christine yesterday, and actually, to Michelle, too! She sounds so sweet! They are all doing well. Well, Christine is still having trouble with her back, and starts her physical therapy today, I think it is?

There isn't much else going on around here, just the usual things. I guess that keeps us plenty busy enough. Take care all and more later.


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