Thursday, September 21, 2006


That was the sound of the shuttle passing over, on its way to Kennedy Space Center. It happened at about 6.20 or so a.m. this morning. Mike was in the shower, I don't know if he heard and/or felt it, but I sure did! There was a very loud boom, the windows rattled and the house shook a little. There was a lot more to hear and feel than when we heard the previous one at Dr. Venero's. I really wonder if I could have seen it, had I been outside. I am thinking the answer would be yes. Oh well....

Now to backtrack to last night. Anne had her MRI, at 9.20 last night. Yikes! The nice thing is that there is less traffic at night, and it was easy to find a parking space--haha! They let me go in with Anne while she had the MRI--actually into the room with the big machine. There was a chair to sit in, and the tech gave me earplugs, which I definitely needed. MRI's are very noisy, as I knew from past experience. It took quite a while, we weren't done and in the car till 10 p.m. Of course, Anne had to change back into her clothes, but that didn't take long. We were on our way home when I realized that they hadn't done the contrast. Yikes!

I called Dr. Dunne's this morning to let them know about the lack of contrast. They were first inclined to just wait and see on Monday if the films were clear enough without it. I reminded them that we are heading out for the Mayo late Monday, and the gal went to get more input. New plan, they will be checking with the MRI place, try to find out what the results look like and will try to get things sorted out today so they know if the MRI needs to be repeated, and will get it all done in time for her scheduled appt on Monday. So, we will see. I'm really glad I called, and they were too.

We are still waiting on growth hormone. Nordicare is waiting for the dosage, and not having any luck getting it so far. It just sounds like a bit of chaos going on at the doc's office. I called this morning, after having a call from Nordicare before 8 a.m. this morning! Hopefully, all will be sorted out today and the hormone will be on its way.

Mike fixed my link to his Photo of the Day page. I had added a slash, as all the other links had one. Mistake! It wasn't supposed to have one, and that is what messed everything up.

Well, I had best go and get some work done! Take care all and more later on.


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